PH-07 Richoboro, PA - Website about the PH-07 Base

PH-32 Marlton, NJ - Website about the PH-32 Base

PH-67 Village Green (Chester / Media,) PA - Website about the PH-67 Base

PH-75 Edgemont, PA - Website about the PH-75 Base

PH-82 Paoli (Valley Forge / Diamond Rock,) PA - Website about the PH-82 Base

PH-91 Worcester, PA - Website about the PH-91 Base

PH-99 Eureka, PA - Website about the PH-99 Base

2nd Missile Battalion 52nd ADA Nike Hercules - The last Nike Hercules Batallion to defend America.

Charlie Battery, 3rd Missile Battalion, 71s Artillery - A U.S. Nike Ajax/Hercules Base in Germany.

Nike Hercules Missile Site Saugus, California Site LA-94 - Battery A 1st Battalion (Nike Hercules) 56th Artillery Saugus, CA91350

PR-38 Bristol, RI - Army Nike Ajax / Hercules AA Missile site

Ed's Nike Missile Web Site - this website has just about everything you've ever wanted o know about Project Nike and more.

Hole in the Head Press - Publishers of Rings of Supersonic Steel: Air Defenses of the United States Army 1950-1979.

Seizing victory from the jaws of deterrence: preservation and public memory of America’s Nike air defense missile system - Dissertation by John Knute Smoley.
Website created by Chris Milewski to preserve the history of PH-15.